When Square And Circle Meets Postcards

When was the last time that you have received a postcard from someone? As the world becomes more digitized, receiving postcards seems to be a distant memory.

Don't we miss the excitement of suddenly receiving a picture of a foreign place in the mailbox with a message from somebody who cared enough to write a personal message to you behind the postcard?

Although the reality may seem dim, we would like to use this as a medium to send a message of gratitude and hope from the metaverse of "When Square Meets Circle - A Love Story" to the NFT holders.

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Postcards and Polygon do sound like a perfect match!

This collection was minted as a token of gratitude to the community and airdropped to all NFT holders of "When Square Meets Circle - A Love Story".

Creating this collection on Polygon allows holders of the NFT to gift/trade NFTs with lower gas fees, hence staying true to the initial intention of the project to make NFT ownership more accessible and fun.

There are only two ways to obtain NFTs under this collection:

The first way is to collect the relevant NFT under the "When Square Meets Circle - A Love Story" collection on Ethereum.

The second way is to obtain "Community Postcard" NFTs, capped at a total supply of 1,000 pieces. These postcards come in 10 different designs and are redeemable through auctions, social media giveaways, and other methods decided by the team.

This adds up to a total of 1,100 NFTs in this collection, the holder of any NFT in this collection is eligible to enter community challenges to win from a prize pool, more details are below under "Rules and Regulations". All holders of this NFT collection would also get a role on our Discord channel and have access to the exclusive Polygon channel.


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HODL or Trade!

You could choose to HODL your postcard to join the community challenge or trade them on OpenSea under the Polygon blockchain.


Join Challenges!

For every 100 "Community Postcards" redeemed, a new challenge would be announced, participate by following the steps in the announcement available on social media or this website!


Have Fun!

If you are selected as the winner, the team would transfer the prize directly to your wallet! GLHF and most importantly, we wish that you have a great time!


Rules and Regulations

Prize Pool Composition:

To show our appreciation to the community, the creator of the "When Square Meets Circle - A Love Story" has decided to take out $100 (United States Dollars) as a base prize pool to give back to the community (yes, sorry, we are poor!).

For every transaction under this collection, 5% of the royalty fee would be given to the NFT creator, 2.5% would go to this prize pool and 2.5% would go directly to the NFT creator, meaning that the more transactions there are, the bigger each prize pool could be. We will keep track of this on the blockchain and with a spreadsheet that would be made public.

Please note that the royalties paid by OpenSea occur monthly with a minimum payout at ~$60 (United States Dollars), meaning that the 2.5% prize pool revenue is subjected to these two criteria, the NFT creator would take these factors into account before hosting the community challenge.

Join the Community Challenges:

Upon the start of hosting each challenge, we will put out an announcement on this website and social media, which would list out the prize pool amount, the requirements of participating, and the challenge itself. The content of the challenge could be related to anything. We would also crowdsource ideas on social media, so be sure to engage and make your voices heard!

As a start, there would be 10 winners and 10 community challenges. Each NFT is an entry to joining the challenge (unless the challenge explicitly states that certain community postcards must be owned to participate), the 1 winner for each challenge is guaranteed to win $10 (United States Dollars) and part of the 2.5% royalty fee prize pool money on the Polygon blockchain (minus gas fees).

Upon winning the challenge, the wallet must hold the required NFTs for the prize to be sent to the address. Depending on the transaction volume and the prize pool, the team may allocate certain funds to produce physical collectible that community members could win as well. Imagine scanning your limited edition T-Shirt to see an augmented reality experience!

Each wallet address could only win once, but the NFTs could be used repeatedly to join the challenges. So if you have won a challenge, you can trade your NFT with someone else, so they could use that to join another challenge.

"Limited Edition Pack" Auction (10 Packs Only):

Upon launch, we would list 10 "Limited Edition Pack" (each containing all 10 NFT designs) with the hope that this could contribute to the prize pool and cover other expenses in running this NFT project. This auction would be held from 26/09/2021 UTC 00:00 - 03/10/2021 UTC 00:00 and would continue until all "Limited Edition Pack" has been collected.

The ownership of all "Community Postcards" is advantageous, as the wallet holder would be qualified to join all challenges, as some might require the ownership of all 10 postcards to participate. The giveaways after the auction would distribute the postcards randomly, meaning that the participant will have to trade for other missing designs to complete the whole collection. Due to the postcard quantity, only 10 wallets in the universe could own the whole collection.

2.5% of the profit of these auctions would go to the prize pool divided by 10 for each challenge, 2.5% of the profit would go back to the creator, and the rest of the funds, 92.5% of the profit would go to another pool to create other value for the community.

To illustrate this, let's assume that the auctions were able to obtain a revenue of $1,000 (United States Dollars), with each set selling for $100, OpenSea will take $25 as their marketplace fee, $25 would go to the prize pool divided by 10 challenges, meaning that each winner would get $10 + $2.5 = $12.5 if they win the challenge. $25 would go back to the creator and $925 would go to a pool, which could be used to create tangible/intangible benefits related to this NFT project for the community (such as physical collectibles or other prizes).

Subsequent sales of these "Limited Edition Pack" after the auction would no longer allow the wallet holder to redeem the whole collection, and would not add value to the auction pool, but the 5% transaction fee would be redistributed as above, 2.5% prize pool, 2.5% creator.

There are some changes to the above Auction Mechanism, please read below update.

Update: We are currently trying to use the platform to help the remaining 9 x "Limited Edition Packs" find a home, but it would not affect the funds distribution, however potential owners of these "Limited Edition Pack" would have to obtain them on the platform, details to be announced.


Postcard Collection

Community Postcards Distribution Arrangement

"When Square Meets Circle - A Love Story" NFTs 34/100 Collected = 340 x Community Postcards in circulation

#01-100 "Limited Edition Pack" Auction | 26/09/2021 - 03/10/2021 UTC 00:00 (100 Pieces):

Since OpenSea Polygon does not support bundled sale and auction function. Please make an offer on the respective NFT page, the NFT creator would accept the highest offer made before 03/10/2021 UTC 00:00 and transfer the NFTs manually to the winning wallet. The auction would continue until all "Limited Edition Pack" has been collected.

01 #01-10 0x079d See it on OpenSea
02 #11-20 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
03 #21-30 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
04 #31-40 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
05 #41-50 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
06 #51-60 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
07 #61-70 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
08 #71-80 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
09 #81-90 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea
10 #91-100 Wallet Address See it on OpenSea

#101-240 Social Media Giveaways | Postcards would be distributed to the Winners after 03/10/2021 (140 Pieces):

WSMC Twitter Giveaway 05 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
WSMC Reddit Giveaway 14 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link 13 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link 22 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link 09 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
WSMC Discord Random Giveaway 09 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
Bitfoot NFT's Giveaway 11 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
WSMC Discord Invite Competition 03 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
WSMC Twitter Negative Experience Sharing 20 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
WSMC Twitter Voting 14 x NFT Postcards Distributed Ended Link
MoonToken Community 20 x NFT Postcards Distributed 31/10 - 31/10 (TBC) TBC
Total Distributed: 102 Remaining: 38

#241-340 Reserved | Join Discord and Follow Us on Social Media to keep updated! (100 Pieces)

Details TBC #221-320 DD/MM - DD/MM Stay Tuned to grab your NFT!

#341-1,000 Distribution depending on Ethereum Collection (660 Pieces)
Meet the Collection

Like the journey of life, many will join you at the beginning of your road trip, but only a few loyal friends will stay with you until the very end. The quantity of "Community Postcards" is limited to 1,000 pieces, but similar to friendship, the further we go down the path, the rarer the postcards become.

Community Postcard #01

01 The Highway

Rarity: 190/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #02

02 Lullaby Land

Rarity: 170/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #03

03 Echo Chamber

Rarity: 150/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #04

04 Hustle & Bustle

Rarity: 130/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #05

05 Tranquillity

Rarity: 110/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #06

06 Tears in Rain

Rarity: 90/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #07

07 Constellations

Rarity: 70/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #08

08 Infinite Donuts

Rarity: 50/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #09

09 Contrast

Rarity: 30/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Community Postcard #10

10 The End or Is It?

Rarity: 10/1,000

See it on OpenSea

Requirement for Hosting Community Challenge:

For every 1 NFT collected under the "When Square Meets Circle - A Love Story" collection, 10 "Community Postcards" would be given to the community through social media giveaways or other promotional activities. Each wallet could only redeem 1 "Community Postcard" for each giveaway/activity, however, there are no restrictions in stopping the wallet holder from trading on the secondary market to complete their collection.

The more postcards 1 wallet holder holds, the more entries they can submit to the competition, some challenges may also require ownership of several different community postcards. Although the community challenges are based on skills, additional entries may increase the odds of winning.

Each community challenge would occur when every 100 "Community Postcards" have been redeemed by their respective wallet holders. The competition would be themed differently, and the participant must fulfill the competition criteria to be eligible to win. Details of the challenge would be posted on social media and this website. The winner would either be chosen by the NFT creator or through community polling.

Please note that this is not a lucky draw, but instead a community challenge, therefore certain criteria must be satisfied to win, if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, you could look elsewhere.

What Happens After the 10 Community Challenges:

After the first 10 community challenges have been held, the 5% royalty of the future transactions would be given directly to the NFT creator and will cease going to the prize pool. Depending on the situation, the creator has the full discretion to arrange/not arrange other activities to engage and give back to the community.

Terms and Conditions:

Upon participation or ownership of any NFTs under this collection, you hereby agree to abide by all the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions listed on this website.

When submitting content to join the community challenge, you agree not to submit any content that is vulgar, inappropriate, or content that infringes the copyright of other parties.

The creator of this project will not have or accept any liability, obligation, or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, destruction, or damage (including without limitation consequential loss, destruction, or damage) however arising from or in respect of any participation of these activities.

In the case of any disputes, the creator of this project reserves the right to a final decision. The creator of this project also reserves the right to revise the above conditions without making any advance announcement.

This means that the creator of this project reserves the final decision with regards to the prize pool, prize distribution, and every aspect of running this NFT collection and its associated activities.

If you are below 18 years old, you are required to have parental consent and supervision upon participating in any challenges. The winner of the challenges has to be above 18 years old.


Community Challenge Status:

Click here to open the "Community Challenge Spreadsheet"



1. The information contained in this website and the resources available for download through this website is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, financial advice because this is an experiment.

2. The information contained on this website is not a substitute for financial advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.

3. We have done our best to ensure that the information provided on this website and the resources available for download are accurate and provide valuable information. Regardless of anything to the contrary, nothing available in or through this website should be understood as a recommendation for you to take part in.

4. Because of the nature of the experimental project, parties and owners involved will not be liable or can be held accountable in any way for any losses or damages that might occur if you decide to take part.