Day #94 -

Name Pending

Upon purchase of the NFT, the wallet holder of this NFT could give it a name and share their interpretation of this story in a day of the Love Story between Square and Circle, the name and story would be updated here.

Details on this could be found upon purchase of the NFT on OpenSea by accessing the unlocked content. In the case of any disputes, the creator of this project reserves the right to a final decision.

Remarks: This is a rare occasion that all random () factors such as Background, Square, and Circle happen to be a very light color, resulting in this seemingly “blank canvas”, but unlike Day #79, the Circle is slightly darker (#FFFFA4 with a white glow effect) than the Background and Square. Although you might miss it at first, but if you take a closer look, you would see the glow of the Circle. Below is an export of the software with the background removed. You can see the Square is white, while Circle is close to white and overlapping with Square. With regards to the time-code, since Day #01 is 0:00:00:00, Day #94 would be 0:01:33:00 (1 Minute and 33 Seconds / 93 Seconds + 1 since Day #01 is 0:00:00:00).